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Water mitigation is a task that is ordinarily risky and involving. As such, the professionals and experts who are hired to do it must undergo rigorous training. The exact paths to be followed vary largely from one state or jurisdiction to another one. Nonetheless, there are some unifying procedures.

In our discussions below, we get to peek into these procedures one at a time. We examine the educational qualifications, professional work experience, duties and responsibilities, and the paths that anyone aspiring to be a water mitigation specialist ought to follow to achieve his aim.


The steps below are the ones which, if you follow, may let you achieve this end:

Step I: Acquire the necessary training

Start by acquiring the necessary training. In most cases, you will have to train in disaster management, water damage restoration, and firefighting to name but a few! The training tasks roughly 2 years and leads to the conferment of an associate degree. It is offered in most community colleges that are scattered around the nation.

Step II: Obtain the relevant work experience

After you have received the necessary paperwork, you now have to obtain the relevant work experience. This is largely received by way of apprenticeship in the many firms and workshops that may deal with water damage restoration in your area. 3-5 years’ worth of work experience will certainly do for the job.

Step III: Apply for licensure and enrolment

Having garnered the necessary academic qualifications and professional work experience, you now need to apply for the relevant licensure and enrolment. The exact procedure to do this varies markedly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and area to area. You have to check out with your state or city for the way forward.

Follow these steps to apply:

  • Request for the application forms from the relevant state office
  • Fill this form and then mail it back to the state office
  • Accompany the application with the relevant credentials and supporting documents
  • Remit the application fees as well
  • Wait for your application to be reviewed and the verdict issued out


As indicated already, you have to garner some basic educational qualifications to receive the go-ahead to become a water mitigation specialist.

Though not really necessary, you are strongly asked to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in water mitigation from a reputable college. This course typically takes four years and culminates in the conferment of a Bachelor of Science degree in Water Damage Mitigation.

In the absence of this, you may also wish to pursue a Diploma in Water Damage Mitigation or Disaster Management from reputable community colleges. This latter course takes roughly two years and leads to an award of Associates degree.


Other than the bare minimum academic qualifications above, a seasoned water specialist should also possess the following interpersonal characteristics:

Excellent written and verbal skills

Such a professional must possess excellent written and verbal skills. That is because this job requires great coordination from other members of the team and the homeowners whose premises are inspected for water damages. Great written and verbal skills are necessary to allay any ambiguities or confusion when handling this job.

Strong analytic techniques

A water mitigation specialist will from time to time have to study situations and devise a clever way of dealing with the issues as they arise. This calls for strong analytic techniques on his part. Remember, any error or oversight may often have far-reaching implications or financial losses.

Superior customer service and negotiation skills

Apart from analyzing situations, a professional of this kind will also have to converse with clients in a persuasive manner. This demands that he possesses superior customer care and negotiation skills. Clients who are well taken care of are likely to come back a second time. They also rate the firm higher than their dissatisfied counterparts.

Great teamwork

We have already hinted that such a professional will have to work in conjunction with other team members. So, he has to possess great team spirit and the ability to coordinate well with others. Any dysfunctions in the operations may only serve to create further confusion and unnecessary delays.

Ability to work long hours

Lastly, he has to work or be in a position to work for longer hours. Since disasters can happen at any time, the specialist should be ready to be called upon at any time of the day or night. Other than that, the specialist must be ready to work the normal 9:00 to 5:00 pm including weekends.


Overall, a water mitigation specialist performs the following chores:

  • Assess the mitigation handling accurately and on a claim-by-claim basis
  • Interact with the program vendors within the stipulated timeframe throughout the entire mitigation period.
  • Streamline the policy and procedures within and across the units handled for the sake of minimizing losses greatly.
  • Point out trends and find out the best practices for tackling the job.
  • Keep track of the mitigation estimates and the bills to see to it that they are right
  • Make use of the Xactimate estimating software to reconcile and adjust the mitigation costs
  • Undertake to work within a rotational schedule every three weeks or so


Alright! You now have a clear picture of the path you may have to follow to become a water mitigation specialist. How about you embarking on this path as of now? As you may see, you need roughly 4-5 years to become a fully certified water mitigation specialist.

That is not too long a duration of time. The career prospects of water mitigation are also bright. Disasters are naturally bound to happen every now and then. You can never lack any opportunity to make a living or derive some benefits if you choose to go your way in it hence.

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