Water Drilling Equipment

Knowing all about the well water drilling equipment is just as good as the kind of water itself. Such kind of knowledge goes a long way in enriching your expertise and letting you know how to confront the issue altogether. We are alive to that fact.

That is why we have drafted and dedicated this article entitled water well drilling equipment- everything you need to know to that matter. Here, we shall discuss all that pertains to the subject with the view of letting you know what to expect when attempting to have your way in the process.


This is a piece of drilling equipment that is used and operated by hand. In most instances, it is employed to dig shallow wells that are intended to provide water to the small household settings. Thanks to hand operations, this piece of equipment is also called manual or human-powered drilling equipment.

It is marginally cheaper to use and also gets to shallower depths than the conventionally powered drilling machines. Given the manual power, this piece of equipment is only limited to the ‘good grounds’ that are softer and pliable. It may not serve you well in areas that have thicker and heavier soils.


As its name implies, this item is used to bore wells of limited depths. It comes as a package and incorporates the post hole digger, well point, well screen, and the hardened point at its end. The piece of equipment comes in handy when there is the need to extract water from a shallow ground that is also loose enough to allow for the input of minimal effort.


This one is largely intended for the ordinary homeowner who lacks the muscle power or expertise needed to operate those pieces of equipment that are larger and more sophisticated. Being rudimentary, it is simpler to make use of and hardly imposes the users to strain and fatigue.


Most cheap water well drilling equipment is intended for those who do not have the huge financial muscle power. They mainly go for around $5,000 on the lower side and $9,000 on the higher side. Though these pieces of equipment are cheap, they are nonetheless capable of serving the selfsame needs of their expensive counterparts.


This is the conduit that channels the water from the depths of the well to high up the ground. The pump attaches to the motor to provide the suction it needs to draw the water from the well and counter the gravity to deliver the same to the top of the ground level.


There are three main kinds of water well-drilling bits in vogue at the moment. These are:

a.) Drag (blade or fishtail) bit

This comprises numerous blades each of which forms radially disposed of grooves. The blades are further flattened and divided while also curving away from the rotation’s direction to resemble the tail of fish.

b.) Roller (or tricone) bit

It is primarily used for drilling through tough rock such as when exploring gas and oil. The drill is divided into three main parts, with each part comprising its own row of cutting teeth.

c.) Reamer bits

The reamer bits are a kind of rotary cutting tool that resembles the drill bits. They act to eliminate materials from the workpieces on which they are dedicated for use. These items primarily generate smoother walls on existing halls.


If the well has to be too deep, the drilling rig may have to be used instead of the normal drilling equipment. A drilling rig goes deeper and penetrates too low into the soil to give rise to a consistent output and supply of the water.


We now tackle some FAQs on water well drilling equipment:

What equipment is needed to drill a water well?

You need the following pieces of equipment to drill a water well:
• Posthole digger
• Galvanized pipe
• Well screen
• Post driver

How much is a water well drilling rig?

The exact cost of a water well drilling rig varies significantly with the brand and the area where you purchase one. All factors considered though, you should expect to part with around $5,000 to lay your hands on a complete rig package. The actual figure may at times shoot to $9,000.

Can you rent well drilling equipment?

YES, you can! In fact, if you are not a professional well drilling expert, we highly advise you to rent it out. Renting lets you enjoy the benefits that come along but at fraction of the cost of acquiring one for yourself. That of course drives down the overall of engaging the machine altogether.

Can you drill for water anywhere?

NOT really! The ground has to be soft and pliable to allow for the drilling of the wells. Harder grounds are generally difficult to scale and may also damage the tips of the drilling machines. Then again you have to match the piece of equipment with the kind of terrains of your intended work.

Is it legal to dig your own well?

This largely varies from area to area. You have to checkout with the local and state laws to ensure that the area you are based in allows for the drilling of the wells. Most areas do limit the number of wells in line with the population density and number of planned users.

How much does a borehole drilling machine cost?

Most go for $26,080 including the sales tax.


There you have them! We are now confident that you have the sum total knowledge you may need to have about the water well drilling equipment. How about you now proceeding and implementing this knowledge diligently? We are always pleased to note the progress of those who read our posts.

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